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What’s Your Authentic Name

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Why we choose our names in our community

Imagine this: complete fearlessness and 100% freedom to be who you want to be in this lyf. If you had this opportunity, what name would you call yourself? 

This moniker is what we at LISBA call your Authentic Name and it describes the best version of yourself. In a world that places a great deal of judgment on all facets of our daily lives, it’s refreshing and powerful to not only be able to BE our Authentic Selves but also to choose the authentic name that reminds us of who we truly are. 

To embrace this opportunity in the LISBA Community, we choose and use our Authentic Names in multiple ways:

  • We are who we are, not what we do…
    Unfortunately, our society has conditioned us throughout our lives to position each other based on what we ‘do’ and what we ‘have’ versus who we actually ‘are’. This culture of judgment has created the foundation for many of the problems we experience in the world today; from simple anxiety to deadly war between countries. With this in mind, our community is centered around the value that judging ourselves or each other simply is not accepted. Therefore, what we do for work and what we have or don’t have really doesn’t matter. What matters is how we are showing up for ourselves and each other each and every day — there is not a more rewarding way to show up than as our best selves.
  • We are all alike AND unique at the same time…  
    In a society that rewards ‘fitting in’, it is becoming harder and harder to feel good about doing just that. The more we try to conform, the more we give up our genuine sense of belonging, and the more we lean on digital likes and messages to fill that ever-growing gap. It simply doesn’t work, and it is continuing to drive us further apart from each other — and into greater mental and emotional stress. However, there are ways to help insulate yourself from this epidemic. One of the many benefits of being authentic and trusting each other in LISBA’s like-minded community is how we come to experience that we are all actually more alike than not and that we are not alone. We quickly find that we all have similar fears, frustrations, stresses, and face situations in lyf that cause us to feel in ways we wish we didn’t. None of us want to be judged for these emotions but once we experience this unity and connection, then something magical happens — we discover and share our unique gifts and genuine essence that makes our authentic selves uniquely priceless.
  • We share our pure, fearless, and authentic selves…
    Our Authentic Name represents our most genuine, honest, authentic version of ourselves at this time. Also known as our best self! It represents who we are once we realize that our best self is more than good enough — and that realization makes us feel happy, joyful, peaceful and fulfilled. It represents who we are being when we refuse to allow the fears that cause our anxieties, frustrations, and stresses from outside influences to rule our lyf. Most importantly, when we share our Authentic Selves with others, it makes their lives better and there is no better feeling in the world than that.

So let me ask you again, what would you call yourself if you were free from fear and judgment? Our Authentic Name reminds us of our choice to be who we are and who we want to be as our best selves. It is the name that when we look back, we know that we chose to live our lives the way we envisioned instead of the way others saw for us and helped many others just by doing so. While looking in that rear view mirror, our Authentic Selves smile from ear to ear knowing that this is what lyf is all about.

Lyf Is Short. BE Authentic. 

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