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LISBA Private Client

Beyond Success Coaching is the best choice for your company development, advancement and sustainment.

Transcending the hidden roadblocks that reside below your awareness will transform your personal and professional success, fulfillment and beyond.

At LISBA Private Client, we guide high performing individuals, your teams and your families through key transformations while unleashing your highest potential.

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our belief

When the focus is growth, your professional and personal lives will be in significant transition at crucial junctions along the way.

Whether you are:

  • Transitioning your company to greater success
  • Transitioning the roles and dynamics of your ownership, partnership, or leadership teams or
  • Transitioning to a next chapter beyond the enterprise you created or nourished…

The transformation starts with authentic leadership, trusted, and deeply connected relationships and a fearless mindset.

The end result is the level of success, fulfillment and significance you have been striving for all along.

our promise

LISBA Private Client was born out of the necessity for high profile and highly effective leaders and your organizations to collaborate with outside partners that take trust and confidence in their relationships to the highest level.

In partnering with LISBA Private Client, you will finally discover the core conflicts that all challenges in your business and family are rooted in — and the master keys to those hidden conflicts — so you can solve the challenges and grow your opportunities from the ground up, rather than band-aiding symptoms that can never truly be resolved.

Partnering with LISBA Private Client is only for those who are open minded and courageous enough to truly transcend and create the personal and professional lives you’ve always envisioned. If this is you, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Meet the Founder


scott garwood

Founder / Beyond Success Coach / Lyfer

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As Founder, Co-Founder and Beyond Success Coach of LISBA, the LISBA Authentic Leadership Academy, LISBA Gatherings and metaLyf, Scott has devoted 20+ years of personal and professional growth experience, wisdom, and highly effective relationships to creating impactful platforms rooted in Authenticity, Trust, and Connection with ourselves and each other.

Knowing that we are all created equal and that each of us has the opportunity to own and control our own reality, Scott continues to co-create programs and roadmaps for elevating self-empowerment, authentic leadership and purpose driven passions while co-creating a community of like-minded growth-oriented people to collectively make a difference in each other’s lives and the world as a whole.

Prior to shifting focus to creating change through others, Scott founded Transformational Growth Partners (TGP) and The Legacy Coach, where he guided significant transformations with highly successful and high profile Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs and their leadership teams and families, Grammy nominated Recording Artists, World Champion Motorsports (NHRA, NASCAR, IndyCar and IMSA) drivers, owners and their teams and other Professional Athletes to help them achieve their highest personal and professional potential, while being featured in many worldwide media outlets, including USA Today and ESPN.

In 2002, Scott began his own personal search for transformational growth after successfully climbing the corporate ladder for over 17 years and realizing that nothing he had worked and sacrificed for could bring TRUE growth or TRUE happiness – there had to be something more.

Throughout his journey, Scott has experienced numerous successful accomplishments and dramatic improvements in all aspects of professional and personal life fulfillment. However, through experiencing and overcoming the most significant of life’s challenges - including divorce, loss of loved ones and key relationships, bankruptcy and other financial hardships, debilitating health concerns, depression, addiction and more, Scott has mastered the mindset of approaching and overcoming challenges and how to turn life’s biggest challenges into significant growth opportunities on a daily basis.

Since 2005, Scott has been Beyond Success Coaching through many growth-oriented modalities and is certified in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, Master Beyond Success Coaching and has achieved a Master’s level in Character Development, Cultivating Highly Effective Relationships and Transformational Leadership. Scott is also a fourth-degree Black Belt and Certified Instructor in Tae Kwon Do, where he has won many medals in World Championship martial arts tournaments, including four gold medals in international competitions while applying this mastery of mind and body to everyday experiences.

On any given day, you will find Scott living a LISBA lifestyle and enjoying the moment while forming new relationships with open minded people, riding motorcycles, cycling, golfing, experiencing music, hiking, playing beach volleyball, scuba diving, surfing, jumping off of things and facing his fears while enjoying the beauty of living in San Diego, CA.

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