we create the environment for all of us to elevate our trust, authenticity and connection in our personal and professional lives.

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beyond Success coaching


We guide high performing individuals, their teams and their families to transform themselves and unleash their highest potential.

It starts with relationships. The level of success, happiness and fulfillment you have at any given time in your professional and personal lyf is directly determined by the quality and depth of your relationships. The Secret to elevating your success is that you Master the 3 Pillars of High-Performance Relationships: Alignment, Trust, & Letting Go.

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lisba gatherings

Explore what a Gathering can do for you. Join our Trust Phase today and discover what it feels like to be heard, understood and genuinely connected with others!

We have developed a unique, workshop format comprised of eight members that meet once a week. Choose from a variety of Gatherings modules, where the only requirement for acceptance is a commitment to accepting others as well as ourselves.

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