The Birth of LISBA Part 2

The Birth of LISBA: Part 2

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“The antidote to loneliness is authenticity.”
– Wolf, ‘21

Imagine BEing as joyful, pure, fearless, and carefree as we were as kids. Imagine BEing celebrated and loved for our brilliant and beautiful uniqueness. 

As we think back to those days, to the limitless freedom that accompanies that kind of carefree lyf, we start to get a sense of what it means to BE Authentic. Through cultivating our authenticity and disregarding the outside influences who tell us who we “should” be, our unlimited potential as a human being begins to shine. To cultivate this freedom, LISBA was founded to remind us that Lyf Is Short (LIS), and that the answer to living the rest of our lives with unlimited potential is to BE Authentic (BA). Hence, LISBA

LISBA was founded to remind us that Lyf Is Short (LIS), and that the answer to living the rest of our lives with unlimited potential is to BE Authentic (BA). Hence, LISBA

The first step towards living a LISBA lyfstyle is having the awareness that we are only here once and if we are not genuinely happy, fulfilled, joyful, or peaceful — today is the time to change that. 

Once we commit to this choice and begin the process of peeling back the layers of fear we have accumulated since childhood, we experience truly loving who we are as our Authentic Selves. Activating this genuine you, as well as helping others on their journey along the way, is where we find the final answer and the key to our transformation and transcendence to wake each day in total bliss.

My personal experience with this journey started with three decades of a lyf focused on what to do, what to have, and how to put myself first in an attempt to fill the void within me of not feeling good enough. Then I discovered that the more we focus on these qualities of life, the more they actually guide us away from focusing on who we are BEing, who are we showing up as each day — our real, Authentic Selves. The remainder of my journey has been about allowing this authentic me to show up. Since this realization, and through the help and guidance of many, many others, lyf became more rewarding each day. Turns out that when we are free from judgment of who we are to others — and more importantly, ourselves — nothing can get in our way!

So, there it is — the key to lyf, success, and fulfillment! The answer to everything, right? So, I was done?!

Not so fast…

Even with greater success, fulfillment, happiness, and freedom to be me, something was still missing. The ‘off’ feeling that accompanied it bewildered me until the final piece of the puzzle arrived as a heavy dose of personal and professional suffering. The depressed and lonely days, weeks, and months came and went throughout a 3-year period where nearly all was lost; including a long-term marriage, financial security, partnerships, businesses, clients, and friends. During this painful period, it was learned that Trust, Authenticity, and true Connection, along with unconditional love for ourselves and for others, come from our lessons learned with an open mind and the support of our closest relationships. From these lessons came a most simple yet profound understanding that has been the icing on the cake of a sweet lyf…

When we see a situation, circumstance, relationship, or experience in lyf as “what about me?!”, we suffer. When we take the same experience and simply shift our perspective to “What about them…or what about WE?!”, the suffering goes away…

Turns out that helping, supporting, and having empathy for others, rather than focusing on what is painful for ourselves, solves everything! This simple shift in perspective was the missing piece needed for a lyf that started with underlying unhappiness, frustration and stress that transformed into success, fulfillment, happiness, and finally transcended to daily bliss. 

At last, the complete answer for how lyf can be whole inside and out, whether we are alone or in a world full of others.

LISBA was born as a community of Trust, Authenticity, and Connection with ourselves and with each other to help one another to transform and embody joy instead of suffering. 

As a very cool and serendipitous result of our collective intention, together we are making a major dent in global isolation, one person, one relationship, one family, one community at a time. We invite you to join us on this journey, be a part of the LISBA community, and reach out to get started! 

Lyf is Short. BE Authentic.

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